Mens Adamas Diamond Aura Ring $299

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Modern man discovers fire When primitive man first encountered fire, it was magical. He stood mesmerized as the flames danced and lit up the darkest of nights. Thousands of years later, science came along to explain that fire was simply the rapid oxidation of material, the exothermic chemical process of combustion. So much for magic. The sparkler in our Mens Adamas Ring only looks like a perfect natural diamond. The truth is that it was born in a laboratory. After taking all the wonder out of the natural world, science redeemed itself in the 1970s by perfecting the process behind lab-created DiamondAura . Chemists and gemologists worked together to focus intense heat, unbelievable pressure and remarkable technical skill on something that simply redefined brilliance. In terms of light dispersion, the lab-created centerpiece in this ring explodes with even more fire than natural mined diamonds. Weve taken full advantage of that sparkle by setting the stunning ½-carat DiamondAura round in a bold, .925 sterling-silver band. What they created was a brilliant diamond alternative that burned so bright it brought all of that old magic back. Wear it yourself and experience the science and style of a brand new “stone age.”