Marrakesh Earrings $49

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Don’t think twice I first met these earrings in Marrakesh. The bazaars of Morocco are known across the world. They stretch for blocks with tiny shops and stores packed close, billowing tents crammed with spices, antiques and native jewelry. I had been browsing all day, resisting the lure of merchants who wanted my money. And then I found two earrings, held in the hands of a smiling woman from the coast. They were a cascade of color from the sea, a unique, glowing shade of blue-green that evoked the flavor of the Mediterranean. The earrings perfectly captured the energy and spirit of faraway places and exciting adventures. I took them on impulse � sometimes, that’s the best way to do things � and they quickly became my wife’s favorite souvenir of Morrocco. We’ve recreated the look of those exotic beauties with our Marrakesh Earrings, intricate works of art with polished cabochons set on a dangling scaffolding of sculpted metal. You don’t have to travel across the ocean to Morocco… and thanks to our exclusive price, you don’t have to think twice!