Marquise Scienza Emerald & DiamondAura Earrings $59

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $295
Can these earrings save the planet? Science finally creates a more perfect emerald! Our marquise-cut, scientifically-grown Emerald & DiamondAura� Earrings originate from the mind rather than the mine. The result is a high-carat, indulgent adornment thats literally and figuratively green � flashing more color, clarity, and fire than natural emeralds, but without the environmental damage sometimes associated with gemstone mining. Our Earth-friendly, scientifically-grown emeralds are faultless and inclusion-free, enabling us to create pieces that radiate with vibrant color! To take advantage of the exceptional clarity of these lab-created stones, we chose the classic marquise cut. This romantic antique design, hugely popular again, plays up their breathtaking sparkle and light-reflecting qualities. Rocks this green deserve settings of equal splendor. The centerpieces of these 2-carat earrings rests inside a frame of DiamondAura rounds. These earrings may not save the planet, but its a spectacular way to start thinking greener!