Magical Blue Diamond Aura Ring $79

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Rings
Retail Price: $299
A little blue magic for a magical price Blue diamonds are rare � so rare that many jewelers never have the chance to glimpse and hold an actual mined one. The Blue Magic diamond ring clocks in at 12.02 carats and is priced by a top New York auction house at around $6,000,000. An entire set of blue diamond jewelry would cost many times that exorbitant amount. So, I decided to make it my mission to bring you something so close to an actual mined vivid blue diamond that you couldn’t tell the difference in quality � but definitely in the price. Get the Magical Blue DiamondAura Ring for that rare woman in your life. Nowhere else will you find this vibrant a set of blue stones for such an affordable price. How can I get it to you for such a magical discount? The wonders of our DiamondAura process let us keep cost down and deliver the quality of mined diamonds at an unbelievably low price. Forged and crafted in a calculated high-pressure environment with intense temperatures and then artfully colored to match the most precious of blue diamonds. The Magical Blue DiamondAura Ring weighs in at 3-carats and is surrounded by a cluster of 46 smaller � and packed with fiery brilliance � white DiamondAura rounds. Add the pendant and earrings for 11 more carats of vibrant blue. A whole lot of magic for much less than expected. That’s the magic of Stauer!