Lynx Lucina Necklace & Bracelet Set $149

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $448
The eyes have it Make a mesmerizing statement with the Lynx Necklace! The lynx is an elusive cat that prowls through the snow-covered wilderness like a ghost. It sees, but remains unseen. According to myth, its vision was said to penetrate solid objects, and some even believed that a lynx could see through a person’s secrets and stare directly into the heart of the truth. Today the lynx is still considered magical whether it’s spotted in the woods, in a constellation… or around your neck. Our Lynx Collection features Lucina, an elegant simulation of fabled cat’s eye stones, set in rose gold- finished frames. The polished, pearly white shapes shimmer with a band of light that travels across the man-made jewel, replicating the gemological phenomenon known as “;chatoyancy.”; Gems with similar natural optical “;special effects,”; such as cat’s eyes and star rubies and sapphires (asterisms), are among the rarest and most desired precious stones on the planet. The finest examples sell for millions at auction and are usually confined to museums and the private collections of billionaires. But we’ve decided to “;let the cat out of the bag”; and make a fashionable, much more affordable version available to everyone. The Lynx Necklace hypnotizes with an ornately framed Lucina oval cabochon pendant and a crystal-studded bail that dangles from a rose gold-finished chain with black cloth accents. The thoroughly modern bracelet showcases a collection of smooth Lucina cabochons, cradled in rose gold-finished organic settings. The bracelet expands to fit easily on your wrist and fits comfortably with a luxurious sense of weight and substance. It doesn’t matter if you wear one or wear both. Our luxurious Lynx Collection is the perfect way to ensure that, no matter where you go for the evening, all eyes will be on you. Literally.