Luxor Lapis Lazuli Ring $79

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Luxor Lapis Lazuli Ring - W6244
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $399
Outshine the night sky Almost midnight in Manhattan. “Here you are,” she thought. “You finally made it.” As the crowd of guests, some of which she didnt even know, continued to thicken, she looked out into the New York night; each little light blinking back in a messy rhythm as if they were applauding her. Two years ago, when she was just another self-proclaimed writer in this city of millions, she never thought shed be at her very own launch party. Especially a swanky rooftop soiree complete with champagne that cost more than her first paycheck a pop and a celebrity chef with a restaurant wait-list longer than her debut novel. This was more than just a professional event; this was her introduction into a new world. One that would make her dream bigger and work harder to reap even better rewards… like the Luxor Lapis Lazuli Ring she bought just for the occasion. Sure, they were a splurge, but how better to announce her arrival than with a statement of shimmering blue surrounded by sparkles so magnificent that the Manhattan skyline fades into the background as she emerges front and center. Smiling at all the attention, she thinks to herself, “Well if my book is as brilliant as my jewelry, Im definitely headed for success.”