Liberte Amethyst Bracelet $59

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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You dont have to risk your life for luxury You might not consider color a luxury. But back in Ancient Rome, the wearing of purple was reserved for the Emperor. Fabric dyed with this rare color was worth its weight in gold. A commoner caught flaunting the royal hue could be sentenced to death! Why all the fuss? Because the rich royal purple dye was extracted using an incredibly difficult technique that involved weeks of hard labor and the sacrifice of thousands of sea snails. The process wasnt glamorous, but the final product was stunning! Come to think of it, the vivid violets in our Liberte Amethyst Bracelet are no easier to obtain. The extraction of the finest amethyst stones from deep below the surface of Madagascar is hard work and exceptionally dangerous. But once they come to the surface, the danger is over. Since the Roman Emperors royal purple rules no longer apply, its perfectly safe to strut your stuff in violet. Once again, purple belongs to the people! Now you can celebrate your fashion freedom in style. Weve collected a gorgeous assortment of imported African amethyst that are tumbled smooth and mirror-polished to create a festive chain of translucent color. Each genuine amethyst is linked together by hand-twisted and gold-finished jewelers wire that cradles the naturally shaped stones. Wear you wear your Liberte Amethyst Bracelet out and show it off with confidence, knowing that youre not committing a crime. Even though for this exclusive Stauer price, it sure makes it feel like youre getting away with something!