Libertas Mens Coin Ring $129

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Let liberty ring When the dime in our new men’s ring was first minted in 1916, much of our education was based on classical tradition � studying Latin, reading Ovid, Socrates and Aristotle � learning the basics of civilization that brought us from the dim past to the progressive 20th Century. So it’s no wonder that the dime placed prominently in our ring has been called, colloquially, the Mercury dime. The figure dominating the obverse certainly appears to be the Roman Messenger God (Hermes, in the Greek pantheon) with his winged helmet… but in reality, it’s a representation of the Roman goddess Liberty, wearing a classical winged Phrygian cap. Stauer’s new Libertas Men’s Ring incorporates an authentic 90% silver Winged Liberty Head Dime from 1916-1945, when the coin was minted. The sterling silver ring is a unique two-tone piece: the dime is set in a circle finished in highly polished yellow gold, and the base of the ring gleams with a sleek rhodium finish. This is a refined men’s ring perfect for the accomplished numismatist, or for a man who merely wants to celebrate a token of America’s classical heritage.