Lattice Freshwater Pearl & DiamondAura Earrings $199

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $499
Pearls night out Make it an evening to remember with these Lattice Cultured Pearl Earrings in rose gold-finished sterling silver! Sometimes pearls just need to cut loose. Thats the feeling we get from our Lattice Pearl Earrings. Even though the design is classic enough to have been found on a quiet Victorian beauty, these gorgeous cultured pearls seem like they need to get out on the town. And who better to show them around than you? Thats why were making it easier than ever for you to wear these beauties whenever and wherever you want. Women have been adorning themselves in pearls for 4,000 years, so were confident our Lattice Cultured Pearl Earrings will never be out of style. These are the earrings you can wear without worry, no matter what the occasion�whether youre out with the ladies or a night at the opera. The Lattice Earrings have been crafted from the finest .925 sterling silver and then finished in radiant rosegold. The warm, blushed hue is the perfect complement to the bright flash of the lab-created DiamondAura� rounds that shimmer along the criss-crossed setting. And if all that was not enough, the focus of these earrings are the impressive freshwater cultured pearls. These lustrous beauties swim with color among the striking setting. You will find yourself most enamored with these earrings and the collection has something to offer everyone. And we can almost guarantee these are the kind of earrings that everyone will notice. You pearls have fun. We wont wait up.