LaStella DiamondAura Ring $59

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LaStella DiamondAura Ring - W6146
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $299
She came with an entourage Hollywood sets are hectic. It takes a special woman to bring a complete hush to the room. When she strolled in from her trailer, nobody said a word. It couldnt get more quiet on the set. The director smiled, knowing that all he had to do was point the camera to catch this magical creature on film. What was her secret? Some say she signed a deal that gave her sway over the powers of black magic. Others claim that she traveled with an entourage of angels who bathed her in brilliance with every step. We give credit to science. She won the DNA lottery. And what seems like magic is simply exceptional genes and some long hours in the makeup trailer. Our LaStella DiamondAura Ring is familiar with the heavy burden of unnatural beauty. Much like the show-stopping starlet, our exclusive lab-created DiamondAura sparkles with even more fire and clarity than mined diamonds. The impressive 2 1/5-carat centerpiece is surrounded by sparkling frames of exquisitely set white rounds that glitter with even more flash than an army of paparazzi!