Ladies Cobalt Watch $199

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $249
Time to set your sapphires free Inspired by the most extravagant jeweled timepieces in the world, weve loaded the Cobalt Watch with glittering stones… but left off the luxury price tag For centuries the world’s finest watchmakers have crafted their mechanical timepieces into luxurious masterpieces. We felt it was a shame to have a price tag holding back this blue beauty. So we’re taking our lab-sapphires out for a spin. Our elegant Cobalt Watch puts the brilliant blue stones in the spotlight, with 44 lab-created Scienza� sapphires set along the bezel. This watch might not exist without luxury’s greatest loophole. Back in the 16th century, the Calvinists banned almost all forms of jewelry. The one exception was watches. So Geneva’s finest jewelers and goldsmiths began honing their skills in watchmaking, using their artistic flair and technical expertise to create some of the most beautiful timepieces ever made. That seemed to us a tradition worth continuing. The Scienza sapphires in this watch’s bezel are chemically identical to natural gemstones in every way. The chief difference between them is that the lab-created stunners have far fewer imperfections, and as a result, display superior color and beauty. And of course, they can be yours for a far less daunting price. In addition to the glittering stone bezel, we’ve set 8 lab-created DiamondAura rounds into the swirling, decorative dial. Three golden hands and shimmering Roman numerals add extra dashes of opulence, and the white leather strap provides a sophisticated final touch. You’ll also be happy to hear that we haven’t traded fashion for function. Thanks to a precise quartz movement, the cobalt is a watch that’s as accurate as it is beautiful.