La Velata Multi Sapphire Necklace $299

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Effortless beauty She was the daughter of a baker. He was one of the great masters of the High Renaissance. Lets just say they had a thing for each other. Master painter Raphael was infatuated with Margarita Luti, his mistress and model. They carried on their affair for years, Luti serving as inspiration for his paintings as well as his more amorous endeavors. Though little is known about Luti, perhaps Gustave Flaubert put it best: “She was a beautiful woman. That is all you need to know.” In Raphaels portrait “La Velata,” Lutis serene beauty is obvious despite her slightly disheveled hair. Around this time, Raphaels friend Castiglione had coined the term “sprezzatura,” meaning a certain nonchalance that makes things seem effortless. Perhaps thats what Raphael was going for, adorning her natural good looks with a stunning 18″ necklace. Its this idea of enhancing effortless beauty that weve sought to capture with the La Velata Multi Sapphire Necklace. The La Velata Necklace, 70 total carats of multi-colored sapphires, captures the natural elegance that Raphael intended with his portrait. The woman in your life already has the appearance of a goddess. The best we can do is to not distract from it.