La Pirata Rose Gold-Finished Earrings $59

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
Sail the seas of romance Capture the sparkle and spectacle of long lost luxury with the La Pirata Collection I stared into the water beneath my boat as it bobbed on the waves near Hawksbill Cay. These were same waters where pirates sailed centuries ago � corsairs and rogues who plundered ships and harbor towns. Back then, the Bahamas resounded with tales of outlaws, of mermaids and their precious tears, of undersea cities waiting to be discovered. Was I looking for some lost booty at the bottom of the sea? Maybe. But I learned long ago that the best place to find sunken treasure is on dry land. Our La Pirata Earrings are a vision out of a forgotten, age-old myth � a find of rare beauty and classical elegance designed for a woman of the same description. Artisans have infused each piece with the impeccable sparkle of history, the luster of fine jewelry that once was found only in palaces and private collections. Each faceted black teardrop ignites the light and dances with dozens of glittering European crystals and secures with post backs. This is vintage-inspired luxury transports you back to a time of romance and adventure, when horizons seemed infinite and Caribbean sunsets simmered with possibility.