Kerala Emerald Ring $129

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $399
Score a perfect ten Skip the danger and go straight to the dazzle with our 10-carat Kerala Emerald Ring Trekking through the tropical forest, surrounded by twisted vines and spiders the size of your fist, I have to remember that, “;Nothing good comes easy.”; My guide reminds me that tigers are fierce defenders of their territory and can hear us coming no matter how lightly we tread. I thank him for the update and keep in mind the amazing green prize that awaits my discovery. Uncovering gemstones is tough work and sometimes dangerous, but for the dazzling emeralds my seller delivered, I’d gladly go stomping through that wild backcountry all over again. But from our hard work and good fortune comes your reward. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own an impressive collection of elegant emerald jewelry boasting of genuine emeralds! Scientists say that the human eye is more sensitive to the color green than any other. So perhaps that’s why the Kerala Emerald Ring is so enchanting. But no matter the reason, you can feel great about treating yourself to these precious gemstones. Emeralds are, by weight, the most expensive gems in the world. And gemstones this big on Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue would cost you a fortune. But not from Stauer. No jungle adventure required.