Katsuyama Organic Cultured Pearl Earrings $49

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Earrings
Retail Price: $95
Your Pearls Are Here Experience the luxury of the Katsuyama Organic Cultured Pearl Earrings We owe you an apology. This exclusive deal is guaranteed to ruin every jewelry purchase you make from now on. Once you realize that its possible to own genuine cultured pearl earrings at a great price, other luxury brands are bound to disappoint. They cant even afford to try. But you can. And thats all that matters to us. We’re offering our Katsuyama Organic Cultured Pearl Earrings for an astonishingly low price. It’s okay to be skeptical. You have every right to be. Why would any company have an offer this great? Good question. We believe that once you try us, youll be back for more. But maybe a better question is, why other luxury jewelers don’t think twice about offering cultured pearls for hundreds – even thousands – more. I’m sure they have their reasons. But you don’t have to fall for them. Not anymore. Order your Katsuyama Organic Cultured Pearl Earrings today, and you’ll realize that luxury doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Katsuyama Organic Cultured Pearls – exclusively from Stauer. These earrings are the product of generations of expertise. From natural genesis to final selection, imported Katsuyama organic cultured pearls are held to the highest standard. These French hook earrings each showcase three 6�-7mm white cultured pearls. This exclusive offer cant last forever. Dont let this incredible opportunity pass you by! To ensure that you receive your genuine Katsuyama Organic Cultured Earrings, please order today. Your idea of luxury will never be the same!