Karatu Tanzanite Pendant & Chain $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Own the “;Gem of the Century”; 1000 times rarer than diamonds! For centuries, the “;Big Four”;� diamonds, rubies, emeralds and Sapphires � ruled the gem world. When tanzanite debuted in 1967, it was a sensation. Unlike those other stones, which are mined all over the world, tanzanite can be found in only one place on Earth: in the remote Merelani Hills in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. What makes tanzanite so irresistible to jewelers, designers and gem experts? Part of its appeal is the beautiful violet blue color. Tanzanite is also trichroic � which means that three different colors are visible when the stone is viewed from different angles. Combine those unique visual properties with its remarkable rarity and it’s no wonder that experts have dubbed it, “;the gemstone of the 20th century.”; In recent years, top-quality tanzanite gems have fetched higher prices at auction than rubies, emeralds or diamonds! But unfortunately, the rush for this stunning stone can’t last forever because the tanzanite supply is extremely limited.