Joseph Abboud Passcase Wallet $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $99
How to test the “talking wallet” theory Yes, this may look like just a wallet. But if you’ve ever lost one, you know this back pocket companion is more than an accessory. Your wallet keeps your cash, cards and your entire identity neatly tucked into folds of genuine black leather. It stands to reason that buying something this vital, choosing a vessel for the most valuable things you own, should be among the most important decisions of your life. But it’s not. My buddy Terry has some unique advice when it comes to wallets. “Listen to the wallet,” he says. “It will tell you when it’s had enough.” He believes that all wallets have a lifespan. Maybe it takes months, maybe it takes years. Or maybe it just takes until something better looking comes along. This classic black leather bi-fold cuts a slim profile but boasts plenty of storage space for your precious paper and plastic. And there’s nothing quite like that “new wallet smell.” Go ahead and pull out your old wallet. What does it have to say for itself now?