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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Ring of the jungle The Jaguar is amongst the most powerful of all large cats, sinews and muscles rippling beneath spotted fur, as it silently pads throughout the jungle for its prey. The jaguar’s ability to hold all that power and strength in stealthy check grants it an elegance not expected in an animal so large. It’s no wonder the jaguar is regarded amongst the most revered of all animals, marking legends in numerous indigenous cultures and serving as the beacon of high quality in luxury automobiles. Why settle for a mere totem of this great beast, when you can embrace its legendary allure in sculpted form as it stealthily entwines around your finger. We’ve captured the fierce elegance of the jaguar in a ring ready to give the designer jewelry industry a run for its money. The signature spots that grace this elegant jungle beast are replicated with sparkling European crystals all inlaid in a lustrous gold-finished setting.