Iron Man Helmet Silicone Tray $14.9900

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Iron Man Helmet Silicone Tray
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Diamond Comics
Category: Gifts > Licensed / Theme Gifts > Marvel Gifts
Ever wish you had Iron Man ice cubes? Man, we sure do. Straight from Stark Industries, the Mark IV series ice cube melts at a 5% of the rate of a standard ice cube, which means that your favorite beverage will stay cold as long as desired, and won’t get watered down by a quick melting cube. Now the bad news? They aren’t available to the general public. What you can have is this ice cube tray straight from Stark Industries. While it doesn’t have the patented high tech technology, it will make you conventional ice cubes in the shape of Iron Man’s head. Which is totally cool, and good enough for us!