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Heres lookin at you, kid. When she was on the screen, she glowed. When you met her in person, she was a delight. One could see how such a rare beauty would capture the heart of a cynical nightclub owner in Morocco not once, but twice. Ingrid Bergman was the greatest actress of Hollywood’s Golden Age, and her effortless beauty and talent made her an immediate success. Born and raised in Sweden, Bergman came to America in 1939 to star in her first American movie “;Intermezzo: A Love Story.”; She didn’t speak English at the time and some said she was too tall to be a film actress. Some thought her name sounded too German and her eyebrows too thick. She didn’t change a thing and in an era where Hollywood actresses were usually glossed over and done up with makeup, she refused, letting her natural beauty shine through. There was always something both vulnerable and powerful about her on screen and she brought a regal presence to every role she tackled. Off screen, she was just as charming, with Hollywood producer David O. Selznick calling her “;the most completely conscientious actress with whom I have ever worked,”; and lauding her sweet and unpretentious nature. From “;Intermezzo”; to “;Casablanca”; to “;Notorious,”; Bergman entranced us in role after role. Her contributions to the stage and screen during her lifetime were recognized with three Academy Awards, two Emmys, four Golden Globes and a Tony for Best Actress. There will only be one woman like her and that’s why we’ve crafted the Ingrid Bergman Intermezzo Ring, named for the film that made her a star. To match one of the world’s great beauties, this collection uses 2 �-carats of only the finest scientifically-grown Scienza� emeralds. These emeralds are identical to natural gems in color, sparkle, hardness and composition, but they have more luster and brilliance than other stones. The only difference is no steep price tag. We set these gorgeous classic emerald cut stones in the finest platinum-finished, .925 sterling silver. And, for an extra dash of show stopping sparkle we’ve added DiamondAura� to the ring and pendant. With this collection, we’ve attempted to match the radiance and grace of the great princess of the silver screen. For the star of your life, give her the jewelry she deserves. Give her the Ingrid Bergman Intermezzo Collection, and you’ll always have Paris.