Hurricane Worldtimer by CX Swiss Military Watch $995

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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The Fearless Flying Machine Designed for professional pilots, the Swiss-Made Hurricane Worldtimer takes your timekeeping to a new altitude. I know a man who gets paid to fly where no other pilot dares. As a “;Hurricane Hunter,”; his job is to steer directly into the eye of massive storms and collect vital data on windspeed and pressure. It takes nerves of steel and incredible skill, but he also bets his life that his equipment performs under stress. That’s why he needs to own a limited-edition CX Swiss Military Hurricane Worldtimer. This impressive Swiss-Made watch was custom built for his line of work. But you don’t need to chase cyclones to appreciate this timepiece. Even though it was designed for a life in the cockpit (with a circular sliderule, allowing for all types of aviation-relevant calculations and a world-time bezel with multiple timezones) the Hurricane is just as precise on the ground. No co-pilot necessary!