House of Bruges Diamond Ring $595

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The reinvention of romance Our House of Bruges Ring shines with a trio of antique rose-cut, natural white diamonds! How does a man win the favor of a woman? In prehistoric times it was through feats of strength and by mastering the hunt. Later, men used wealth and status to show that they could provide. But one day in 1477 changed the rules of romance forever. The instant that Archduke Maximillian proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring, everything changed. Historians recognize it as the first diamond engagement ring, an iconic symbol of commitment that has endured through the centuries. We love a good love story, but we were even more inspired by the backstory. That’s why our House of Bruges Diamond Ring was created to honor the brilliant Belgian who sparked a romantic revolution. The ring’s trio of stones is surrounded by a gorgeous, flowing design in 9K gold. This level of craftsmanship and detail is typical of the lavish Renaissance jewelry of the age. Our House of Bruges Diamond Ring is something that would look perfectly at home in the collection of European nobility. Maximillian and Louis helped create a new romantic tradition. Now it comes down to you (and this ring) to carry it on.