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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Hidden Tiger, Dangerous Woman Make the wild woman in your life roar with 40-carats! The lion might be king of the jungle, but the tiger rules over the whole earth! That’s according to Asian folklore, where the savage feline represents the unleashed might of nature. The tiger’s ferocity also imbues the majestic gemstone that bears its name. Tiger’s eye is considered a gem of courage � a precious stone that represents raw power, grandeur and glory. One folklorist even claims, “;To meet a person wearing a tiger-eye stone as a jewel, indicates coming danger.”; Tiger’s eye is a perfect complement to a powerful woman � a woman who is hypnotic and dangerous. She’s ambitious � a fighter � who isn’t afraid to play ball with the boys. Sometimes she’s a little wild, and sometimes unpredictable. But she is always magnificent. To celebrate her rebellious individuality, a dangerous woman deserves earrings as unique as she. Our exquisite Hidden Tiger Earrings are made of tiger’s eye stones � silky, lustrous gems that mirror the yellow and black colors of the tiger, and the natural tones of its earthly kingdom. The stone gets its name from the cat’s eye effect of reflected light that you can spy in every stone � totaling 40-carats. The earrings are spaced with beads finished in gold and secure with French hooks. Go ahead. Place our Hidden Tiger Earrings around your own dangerous woman, and wait for the spark of wild mischief to light up her eyes.