Helenite Horizons Ring $99

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Going green just got hotter Helenite and negative space erupt into the fashion world! Helenite is one of the newest additions to the jewelry scene, because it spent its first few millennia hidden inside Mount St. Helen. But when the mighty mountain erupted in 1980 it fired volcanic ash 16 miles into the sky. And when that fearsome lava flow finally cooled, we found that the previously concealed contents of the volcano were the raw materials for the gorgeous green gem Helenite. Today, we’re pairing this hot new stone with the hot new design trend of negative space to bring you the Helenite Horizons Ring. The gold-finished and lab-created DiamondAura� studded negative space design plays on the absence of a traditional ring shape to draw attention toward the glowing green stone, guaranteeing that the emerald-cut 2 � carats of Helenite at the heart of this ring gets all the attention it deserves � just as the wearer will.