Heart Scienza Ruby Pendant $49

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
Triple the romance No longer an underground operation, mother nature’s ruby handiwork has been perfectly replicated, dare we say even improved. Don’t let the fact that rubies can be made above ground throw you. They are rubies, through and through. They are the rubies mother nature would make herself if she had her way. When it comes to having the exact same color, hardness, composition and luster as a natural ruby, our lab-ruby doesn’t skip a beat. The only difference (other than being a little more perfect) is the cost. You gotta love science! A natural ruby is more likely to have flaws called inclusions. Ours is flawless, as the mineral composition, heat, and pressure are controlled in the laboratory. The result is a ruby with more clarity, richer color, and a price that simply cannot be beat. Here a trio of heart-shaped lab rubies stack up for a lovely teardrop pendant. Treat yourself to the marked beauty of the ruby for a remarkable price.