Green Jaguar Emerald Necklace $79

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Hidden for centuries from the sight of men! To the natives, the hillside overgrown with thick, winding vines was called la Cara de la Jaguar Verde � the Face of the Green Jaguar. But the tribe’s ancient legends forbade that they should ever approach the sacred place. Our intrepid explorer had heard the legends and he had determined that there was a forgotten city buried under those green Yucatan hills. Under this one mound, beneath centuries of dirt and tangled overgrowth, lay a forgotten Mayan temple � and on each side of the buried entrance, it was said, were the carved, stone heads of snarling jaguars, covered in shards of brilliant green emeralds… a treasure unseen for ages! Our Green Jaguar Necklace boasts a genuine, bright green emerald teardrop, glittering like green fire as it catches the light. It hangs on an 18″ chain finished with yellow gold and is accompanied by 7 elegant freshwater cultured pearls. The Green Jaguar Necklace is a simple and delicate treasure � a rare beauty that deserves its place in a museum… or around a beautiful woman’s neck.