Golden Sunflower Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet Set $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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The girl who fell in love with the Sun God Inspired by an ancient tale of unrequited love, this garland of golden flowers was made to turn heads! You can’t blame her for falling for Apollo. He was, after all, the golden boy of Greek mythology. As the Sun God he soared across the sky every day in his fiery chariot. She was just a simple water nymph, smitten with his radiance and power. Day after day, she watched him go from east to west and fell deeper and deeper in love. Unfortunately, those mythological relationships never seem to work out. Apollo ignored her and the poor nymph was turned into a sunflower. Today, young sunflowers still turn their heads to follow the sun. But once she wears our radiant Golden Sunflower Collection, all heads will turn to follow her. Not only are each of the tiny flowers finished in rich yellow gold, but the centers sparkle with a single, brilliantly faceted Austrian crystal. Each trio of gold-finished flowers is linked to form an elegant garland that drapes beautifully as a necklace and bracelet or the earrings that secure with clip-ons.