Golden Hour Citrine Necklace $39

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
Enough to make anyone a morning person The Golden Hour Citrine Collection casts everything (including the price) in a better light. There’s a certain time of day beloved by photographers and romantics all over the world. It’s called the “;golden hour,”; and it happens early every morning when the sun is just beginning to rise, and again in late evening just before the sun dips below the horizon. The sunlight becomes soft, warm and gentle. It softens edges, adds depth and bathes everything it touches in beauty. We love the golden hour look so much we’ve decided it should last all day. The Golden Hour Necklace features 180-carats of pure natural citrine, the golden yellow gemstone that radiates soft, gentle light. No other stone has the same heavenly hue of yellow, red and orange that so perfectly captures the look of the sun’s rays at their finest hour, making citrine as unique as it is flattering. Drape the Golden Citrine Necklace around your neck and you’ll feel the ripple of gentle light around you, an effect that only citrine can produce. Of course, we can’t achieve our mission of making the golden hour last all day unless we can make the Golden Hour Necklace available at a price as attractive as citrine itself. Don’t worry, we thought of that too and so we’re declaring Happy Hour on Golden Hour, making the 180-carat total weight Golden Hour Citrine Necklace available for this exclusive price.