Gocci Necklace & Earrings Set $198

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $198
Caught between the sunlight and the shadow Savor the cool of DiamondAura paired with the smoldering heat of a rich rose gold-finish! I looked up from my seat inside a caf� in Paris, and saw a couple at a table, holding hands. The sunlight angled so that I only saw half of the woman’s face… and half of the teardrop earrings she wore. That gave me the inspiration for our new light and dark ensemble. Our Gocci Collection � short for “;gocciolina,”; or “;droplet”; in Italian � is a study in warm rose gold and cool white fire. One side of the droplets in our Gocci Necklace & Earrings Set shimmer with the bright white sparkle of Stauer’s exclusive DiamondAura . The other shines with the warm glow of a rose gold finish. Dawn and dusk. Sunlight and shadow. Stauer’s trademarked, lab-created DiamondAura delivers the transparent clarity and dazzling brilliance without the outrageous cost or ethical concerns of mined diamonds. Every DiamondAura is created using an incredibly complex and expensive process that involves heating rare minerals to temperatures of nearly 5000˚F. Expert gem cutters facet the stones, with exacting attention paid to maximize the bounce of brilliance back to the eye. Each DiamondAura is carefully polished using only the highest quality diamond wheels. The final product is so optically close to a diamond that only a highly trained observer can tell the difference. See for yourself and step out of the shadow and into the sunlight of our extraordinary DiamondAura!