Genuine Irish Wool Vest $149

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Genuine Irish Wool Vest - W5839
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $149
The look of the Irish The Aran Islands sit in the mouth of Galway Bay, just off the west coast of Ireland. Close your eyes and you can picture their rolling green hills and rocky, wave-battered cliffs. But you can’t imagine the wind. It hits you from all sides, assaulting with the icy sting of the North Atlantic. A tourist like me can hide indoors, but if you’re a local fisherman who makes a living on the water, that frigid wet wind is a fact of life. It doesn’t take long to learn the value of dressing appropriately. I knew that to find any sweater worthy of a spot in the Stauer catalog, I’d have to make the trip to Ireland. Traditional Aran wool sweaters are world famous for a reason. Also known as a “fisherman’s jumpers,” these impeccably-crafted, handmade sweaters keep you warm and dry in the worst kinds of weather. According to legend, the first sweaters were knitted by the wives of fishermen. And the Irish stitch patterns were more than decorative: the honeycomb represented the hardworking bee, the cable was a wish for safety, the diamonds a wish for success and wealth, and the basket stitch represented the hope for a plentiful catch. You can choose from our long-sleeve sweater (with round crew neckline) or the 3-button vest. Both are made in Ireland from 100% genuine Merino, known as the finest and softest wool on the planet. Dry clean or hand wash only.