Gaza Mozambique Ruby Ring $129

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $395
The ruby revolution has begun Newly discovered rubies in Mozambique offer remarkable quality and prices. Once in a while, a new discovery comes along and changes everything. From the wheel to the automobile to smartphones, humans have embraced these revolutionary ideas and prospered. And there’s a revolution happening in the gemstone world right now, thanks to the discovery of rubies in the northeastern corner of Mozambique. These vivid red game-changers have the same rich red glow as stones from Burma and Tanzania, but are available at far lower prices � until the market catches up. We know high quality and high value when we see it, and so the Gaza Mozambique Ruby Ring features eight pulsating red gemstones from Mozambique, embedded in gold-finished sterling silver, surrounded by the brilliance of 18 DiamondAura� rounds, all for this exclusive Stauer price! Mozambique rubies not only boast the same internal refraction as their more expensive Burmese and Tanzanian cousins, they’re actually cleaner, with fewer inclusions, which means even more rich, red glow for your money. Of course, revolutions don’t last forever � no one stares in wonder at wheels, cars or smartphones anymore. Soon enough, ruby dealers will get wise and start pricing Mozambique rubies in the same bracket as the more expensive stones. Until that happens, there’s still time to be an early adopter and put some soon-to-be-famous Mozambique rubies on your finger at a price that will seem impossible in the near future. The ruby revolution is here, and the time to join is now.