Gatsbys Daisy Ring $39

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
The ring that roared He was a mysterious millionaire in the turbulent and decadent-filled ‘20s whose every waking moment was filled with thoughts of a beautiful former debutante. He threw lavish parties to impress her, parading his fortune about in hopes of winning her affection. Had the young millionaire presented her with a gorgeous Art Deco style treasure such as our Gatsby’s Daisy Ring, he could have saved himself a whole lot of trouble. Crafted of 81 of our signature lab-created DiamondAura stones that give mined diamonds a run for their money. This intricately fashioned ring features a flower motif that radiates out to the band. Embodying the geometric and clean lines of the Art Deco movement, our Gatsby’s Daisy Ring celebrates all the romance, glamour and invention of the Roaring Twenties.