Gallantry Onyx Mens Ring $79

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Take a seat at the table Chivalry is alive and well for the man who wears the exclusive Gallantry Onyx Ring. In an age of valor, gallantry, and honor, King Arthur and his Brothers in Arms lead the charge. Legends abound about the Knights of the Round Table, which was surely one of the first forms of democracy in action. Whether grasping goblet or sword, the hands of these knights were used to bringing justice and protection to Camelot. Behold our Gallantry Onyx Ring, echoing the legend of Excalibur where a young King Arthur was the only one able to free the magical sword from the stone. The very name Excalibur means cut steel, as is our ring, forged of gold-finished steel with an engraved coat of arms emblazoned on each shoulder and crowned with a 12x12mm black onyx. A handsome, modern-day tribute to the ancient Code of Chivalry and a knights pledge of duty, honor, courage and loyalty.