Fortunate 500 Necklace & Earrings Set $149

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Necklaces
Retail Price: $498
Become a member of the “;Fortunate 500”; Make a luxury venture with this stunning 500-carat portfolio of genuine amethyst and get the earrings as a FREE bonus! (a $99 value!) NEW YORK�Wall Street insiders are buzzing over Stauer’s latest IPO (Impressive Purple Offer). The launch of the Fortunate 500 Amethyst Necklace is a gorgeous game-changer that has Fifth Avenue crying foul. Why? Because a genuine gemstone necklace of this size usually has a price just as hefty. But now that Stauer has introduced the radical idea of luxury for less, suddenly paying big bucks for a big look doesn’t sound so appealing. Releasing this necklace to the public at our exclusive Stauer price is bad news for high-end salespeople who work on commission, but great news for the casual luxury investor. “;Wear it once,”; experts say, “;and you’ll realize immediate returns.”; Amethyst isn’t just any old stone. It’s one of the world’s most storied and precious gems, worn by everyone from Cleopatra to English royalty. Shoppers for Stauer scoured three continents, from Africa to Asia to South America, seeking the finest purple stones on the planet. With more than a dozen amethyst stones set between gleaming, gold- finished spacers, this necklace is a dazzling display of your stylish net worth. Some of the gloomier economists suggested that the Fortunate 500 is a gamble. But that was before they heard the price. Will you be adding the Fortunate 500 to your portfolio? Our advice: “;Buy low, wear high!”; This necklace is too big to fail, and the perfect way to make a fashion statement without negatively affecting your bank statement.