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A golden link to the past Ever since medieval times, the Ponte Vecchio Bridge that crosses the Arno River has been a place of thriving business and a key piece of Florence. In 1565, Cosimo de Medici had a walkway installed atop the bridge that would allow him to pass from his palace without exposing himself to the public. Its reported that the Italian noble didnt care for the smells from the butchers and grocers beneath his secret passage, so he did away with all of the lower class merchants, however he allowed the goldsmiths and jewelers to remain. Today, centuries later, the goldsmiths are still there, as a bust of Cellini, Italys infamous master goldsmith, surveys the jewelry shops and passing crowds. Our Florentia Necklace is a stunning 18″ homage to these gifted craftsman and your golden link to the jewelry artistry of Renaissance Italy. The Florentia features a tightly woven design reminiscent of a golden cord holding back fine Renaissance drapery.