Flor de Gonzalez Lonsdale $29.95

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Flor de Gonzalez Lonsdale
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Flor de Gonzalez
Category: Flor de Gonzalez
Retail Price: $56.25
Crafted in Nicaragua by a family with a tobacco history that stretches back to pre-embargo Cuba the Flor de Gonzalez Lonsdale is a long and lean 7 x 44 handmade cigar finished with a striking Ecuador Sumatra EMS wrapper leaf in a lush medium-brown color. Inside is a sandwich blend of expertly rolled quality Nicaraguan tobaccos surrounded by an Indonesian binder leaf that adds to the smoothness of the Flor de Gonzalez Lonsdale’s mild-to-medium strength profile and flavorful nutty notes. Packed in economical bundles of 25 cigars the handmade Flor de Gonzalez Lonsdale is always a popular choice for savvy smokers looking to save on easygoing and enjoyable smokes when buying cigars online.