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Hoo doo that voodoo? A brilliant display of amethyst and peridot, the Flambeaux Necklace makes it Mardi Gras every night! Take a walk through the French Quarter of New Orleans. Keep your eyes and ears open and it’s sure to be a stroll you’ll never forget. Like all of the world’s truly great cities, New Orleans has its own unique personality. Soulful Dixieland jazz and voodoo blues combine with a devil-may-care attitude. Music is its pulse beat and the sweltering heat can spark bewitching fever dreams. To honor the jewel of Louisiana we’ve designed a new necklace as big and bold as the Big Easy � 200-carats of genuine gemstones � that distills the essence of N’awlins into the cool colors of Mardi Gras. The Flambeaux Necklace features 180-carats of deep purple amethyst and 20-carats of cool green peridot that will transform any woman into a Bourbon Street beauty queen. The glittering jewels are joined by a troupe of 14k gold- finished beads that shine as bright as a krewe’s gold doubloons. Historically, purple, gold and green � representing justice, power and faith � are the colors that embody the festive spirit of Mardi Gras. For two weeks every year, raucous parades by the Krewes of New Orleans are lit by bright torchlight � flambeaux. As their gaudy floats roll down Bourbon Street, the krewes throw shiny doubloons and colorful bead necklaces to the crowds. But make no mistake: the genuine gemstones that make up our Flambeaux Necklace are definitely not for throwing. Experience a little bit of Creole flavor spun into a glittering necklace of magic and let the Flambeaux light your way to the Big Easy.