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Fine Filigree Earrings - 26559
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Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $99
Ancient Jewelry Secret Revealed When archaeologist discovered ancient filigree jewelry, they were amazed at the intricate details that Mesopotamians were able to accomplish even way back in 3000 BC. Filigree is a delicate kind of jewelry metalwork involving the careful creation of intricate designs, and ancient jewelers who were able to accomplish such detail were considered artists and their masterpieces were worn with pride by those who wanted to show the world the magic of their everlasting love. While these recently discovered pieces are under lock and key in fine museums, Stauers designers have painstakingly recreated this art with our Fine Filigree Collection. The Fine Filigree Earrings showcase the impressive details that our artists were able to accomplish by spending hours carefully working this beautiful gold-finished creation. The exquisite Rising Sun pattern gives tribute to the love and life couples share with each other. When she wears these earrings, shell always be reminded of the light of her life and how your love grows brighter every day. Supplies are limited so, order now youll be sure to heat things up for the holidays.