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Manufacturer: Stauer
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How to be a desktop daredevil We don’t all have access to runways or hangars to park our vintage prop planes or private jets, so making your desk your own private runway speaks volumes about your daring in life. You also don’t have time for the delicate fuselages of plastic model airplanes, so go with solid metal casting, moveable parts, authentic details, and expert painting to show your daring side. Our high-quality die cast replicas cover four areas of aviation… and four different types of daring. Nicknamed “;Viper”; by pilots who flew it, the F-16 was one of the most successful aircraft designs of the Cold War, with innovations that included a frameless bubble canopy for better visibility, a side-mounted control stick for greater control while maneuvering, and a relaxed static stability/fly-by-wire flight control system for a smoother flight at higher speeds. These die-cast metal replicas feature everything from detailed riveting, authentic emblems, crew figures, and opening cockpits. Arrives with display stand and in original packaging like a prized collectible should. Zero in on one and let everyone know you’re king of your own personal airspace.