Ever After Garnet Necklace $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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That old familiar feeling He remembers her as the shy girl who sat in the back row. She never said much. Always blushed when the teacher called on her. There was something about her that he liked. She had kind eyes and adorable curls. On Valentines Day, he left a single rose wrapped in a clumsy ribbon. She found it in her desk and looked across the room at his goofy grin. She smiled and her face turned all kinds of red. Thirty years later, her cheeks still go rosy whenever he hands her a tiny box with a great big bow. Thats exactly the kind of reaction this Ever After Garnet Necklace was designed to inspire. It features two faceted oval garnets set in gold-finished sterling silver. Its easy to see why these crimson gems are better known as the stones of passionate devotion. And while the regal metalwork is reminiscent of a medieval fairy tale, the sentiment behind this necklace has nothing to do with make-believe. This is your life. This is your happily ever after.