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Manufacturer: Stauer
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The language of flirting Victorian Era romance is in the air with our Eventail Collection. Beautifully executed fans were once tools for flirtation and intricate communication in the 18th and early 19th centuries, especially in Victorian England. Wherever young men and women intermingled, the click of a fan sent a message. So prominent a part has this little “;modish machine”; played in intrigue, love, and scandal that it has been aptly termed “;the woman’s scepter.”; Invitations were given by it, affirmations were made; a gracious furl encouraged; a disdainful furl plunged a suitor into despair. To read this language became a necessity in the education of all fine gallants. Send your own message of flirtatious charm with our Eventail Collection. Deepest ink blue that appears almost ebony until light awakens a deep sapphire blue to wink and flutter as you signal your mood.