Ether Flux $50

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Ether Flux
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Ether
Category: Ether
Retail Price: $60
Crafted in a stout shorter size and packed in convenient and economical packs of 10 cigars the Ether Flux is a 5 x 54 handmade premium smoke from a brand by Rafael Nodal and Boutique Blends. Named for the fifth element Ether—which in Latin means “the upper pure bright air � and in ancient Greek “I burn I shine�—Ether handmade premium puro cigars are aptly named and possibly one of the greatest achievements yet by the famed Rafael Nodal.Rolled within the solid little shape of the Ether Flux cigar is a blend of expertly matured Dominican Habano long-filler leaf surrounded by an appealingly lush EMS wrapper of rich medium brown. Featuring a medium-to-full-bodied strength profile the stocky Ether Flux in a pack of 10 is a solid choice for cigar smokers shopping online for an all-encompassing smoking experience that is bold balanced complex and sure to make a cigar break an ethereal event.