Eterna Blue Zircon Necklace $149

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $399
What do diamonds know about ‘forever’? Brighten her holiday with the incomparable sparkle of rare blue zircon � the oldest gemstone on Earth! Even the most precious gemstones, formed over millions and millions of years, don’t compare to the staggering age of zircon. The oldest zircon? Over 4.4 billion. To put that in perspective: the Earth itself is only 4.5 billion years old. That begs an important question: what do diamonds really know about forever? Rare, natural zircon, Earth’s oldest known substance, is a scintillating stone worth travelling to the ends of the Earth to behold. Our stunning Eterna Blue Zircon Necklace features 2 3⁄5-carats of the rare blue gem. Not only beautiful to look at, the Eterna is incredibly well priced since the Gem Institute of America states that, “;Because they’re in greater demand, blue zircons usually command higher prices than any other varieties…”; What makes Blue Zircon stand above all other stones including diamonds? Amazingly, natural zircons have no visible inclusions so the stones are amazingly clear to the eye. But it is the incomparable color that really stands out. The outstanding fire � the tendency to split light into the various colors of the spectrum � can rival any blue diamond. Very dense, the radiant blue stone is very clear and simply stunning. Once you wear it, you’ll fall in love with this exotic stone.