Epiphany Golden Flower Necklace $59

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $99
Wise men never show up empty handed Its 6:20pm! You jump out of bed. Youre supposed to meet her for your anniversary dinner in 40 minutes. That quick afternoon nap turned into a deep slumber, and now youre late for a very important date. To make matters worse, you realize that you never ordered her gift. You cant show up for dinner half-dressed and giftless… then you make a wise move. You stop running around for a moment, and you think. You did buy her a gift, youre sure of it. And your anniversary is a week away. So you pinch yourself. Sure enough, it was all a terrible dream. But for too many men, that nightmare is a reality. Even if theyre on time, they still dont know what to get their sweetie. Heres a hint a wise man once gave me. You cant go wrong with the shimmer of gold. And you certainly cant go wrong with our Epiphany Necklace! Shell be mesmerized by the way each delicately crafted flower has been finished in luxurious gold. And at the center of each bloom weve included seven stunning Austrian crystal rounds. The distinctive 17″ double chain features triple links, a 3 extender and secures with a lobster clasp. Paired with a matching bracelet and the simply elegant floral studs, the Epiphany collection is guaranteed to be a gift shell remember.