Emerald-Cut DiamondAura Gial Earrings $299

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Emerald-Cut DiamondAura Gial Earrings - 20209
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $299
The sigh heard round the world Take her breath away with these spectacular DiamondAura Gial Earrings! I’ve spent years searching the globe for breathtaking jewelry and fascinating tales. But sometimes the best stories come from customers like you. I was looking through the mail when I found an incredible account from a soldier deployed overseas. He wrote to tell us that shortly after marrying his sweetheart he had to return to active duty in Iraq. Like a true romantic he wasn’t about to let 7000 miles or a war ruin their first Christmas as husband and wife. He said that he found the perfect gift from Stauer and asked her to call him when it arrived. “So far away, I would not be able to see her reaction, but I wanted to hear it,” he wrote. “As soon as I heard her breath stop, I knew she’d seen it.” I love that story. It feels great to have Stauer be part of something so special. And letters like that only encourage me to find bigger, bolder and more beautiful treasures to star in those unforgettable moments. That’s where our Emerald-Cut DiamondAura Gial Earrings comes in. In the fine tradition of taking her breath away, we’ve designed a stunning showcase for two magnificent 9x7mm golden yellow, lab-created DiamondAura. Set in platinum-layered sterling silver post-back box settings, the luxurious yellow stones are highlighted by dozens of sparkling white DiamondAura rounds on each side. Natural fancy yellow diamonds are some of the rarest stones on Earth. Browse through the auction catalogs of the world’s most exclusive gem dealers and you’ll find that a fancy yellow mined stone can fetch as much as hundreds of thousands per carat. But thanks to science we’ve found a way to offer you even more fire and clarity than natural stones without costing you a fortune. Our vivid lab-created stones are practically indistinguishable to the naked eye from mined diamonds. But don’t take our word for it… just wait for the sigh.