Eagle Eyes Airos Ultra-Lite Titanium $149

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Are you ready to see the future? Order NOW! Less than 159 left in stock. From NASA technology � light as a feather, but titanium tough. Bright sunlight has been a daunting problem for test pilots and astronauts as they fly into unfiltered direct sunlight. Glare and UV rays can actually damage their eyes and temporarily blind them. Their helmet shields require the most advanced optical technology to protect their sight. NASAs researchers looked to nature for a solution by studying how eagles can simultaneously distinguish their prey from their surroundings with utmost precision, while protecting their eyes from the exposure of harmful high-energy sunlight. Real protection. Their surprising findings revealed that eagles have unique oil droplets in their eyes that actually filter out all harmful radiation and permit only specific wavelengths of light to enter their eyes resulting in extremely powerful visual acuity. NASA replicated this same technology resulting in Eagle Eyes� Ultra Lites� optical sunglasses with Flex-Smart� Titanium frames � the lightest, most durable sunglasses made with the polarized TriLenium� technology. At NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Eagle Eyes� Titanium dual-action technology was tested to enhance human vision while protecting eyesight from the suns harmful UV radiation. Polarized triple filtering lens system. With a triple filtering system, Eagle Eyes� will reduce the blinding glare you may encounter while driving or enjoying outside activities. This technology produces unparalleled visual clarity, contrast and definition and blocks the harsh UV and blue-light while enhancing the colors of your surrounding environment. All of this in a super-strong titanium frame � weighing less than � ounce! Official Space Certification. A primary mission of the Space Foundation is to promote extraordinary products that recognize the benefits of space-related technology that improve the quality of our lives. The Space Foundation announced that Eagle Eyes� has earned official recognition from the Space Certification Program and is the only sunglasses lens to receive the lifetime Certified Space Technology seal. Strength and style. The frame styling of the Eagle Eyes� Titanium is an aggressive ergonomic wrap-around design with a 10-base curve that provides optimum field of vision and side-protection. The Flex-Smart� Titanium provides superior strength and maximum flexibility while maintaining a feather-like weight at less than � ounce. The corrosion resistant frames feature hypoallergenic, fully adjustable silicon nose pads and EZ-Glide� non-slip temples to provide all-day comfort. Youll also receive one soft cloth pouch so you can carry and protect your Eagle Eyes� in style.