Dragoneye Mens Ring $59

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
In the keep of the Dragon King “;Know, o prince, that in the days of the winged lizards of long ago, a ring was forged and imbued with powerful magicks that would make servants of even the most terrible of the fierce beasts….”; � The Royal Storyteller of Stauropolis Anyone brave enough to venture into the lair of mythical beasts is smart enough to know that you need to dress for the occasion. Layers of armor and mail. A proper helmet. Reinforced shield. And just the right ring. According to our resident scrollkeeper, the legendary Dragoneye Ring was forged of strong and stainless steel that could withstand the flames of the dragon lords. It was crafted to resemble the hooded eyelid of the mightiest king dragon, and in the center was placed a gleaming, round garnet of unusual crimson, whose fiery depths could enthrall and subdue even the fiercest of the winged lizards. The mythic Dragoneye Ring is powerful enough to make any man the ruler of the dragon lords. And there is only one realm where this ring can be found, today, if a man is brave and bold enough to adventure to… the realm of Stauer.