Dragonball Z Goku vs Vegeta Mug $12.9900

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Dragonball Z Goku vs Vegeta Mug
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Manufacturer: GE Animation
Category: Gifts > Licensed / Theme Gifts > Dragon Ball Z Gifts
Uh, oh. Those two Super Saiyans are at it again! This Dragonball Z Goku vs Vegeta Mug has the two Z-Fighters on the side and they’re locked in an epic battle once again. We just wonder what started it this time? Did Vegeta decide to go all evil prince on him again? Are they just doing some sparring before they fight against Majin Buu? Our guess is that Goku promised Old Kai that he could kiss Bulma in exchange for some Potara Earrings. Whatever it was, the scene is depicted on the mug, so you can drink your morning coffee while you watch Saiyans engaged in a fight!