DiamondAura Solitaire Necklace $79

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Necklaces
Retail Price: $129
Believe your eyes… Usually too-good-to-be-true means just that. But occasionally, very occasionally, something comes along that really is just incredible. Sometimes you find something so spectacular at a price thats so absolutely shocking that you just cant pass up the opportunity� this is that opportunity. Right now, you can bring home this DiamondAura� Solitaire Necklace for a truly amazing price. We know, it sounds impossible. But its not. You can give her 1-carat of dazzling DiamondAura without breaking the bank. And we know how you feel about her. Shes your Lighthouse. That sparkling high point of your life that shines so bright, you know youre headed in the right direction. No words can convey how much she means to you. Without her, youd still be lost at sea. Now you can show her all of that. It was with her in mind that we created this DiamondAura Solitaire Necklace. DiamondAura actually exceeds the fire � the shine � of many of the world’s best diamonds. So when words just wont do, the simple elegance of DiamondAura says it all. And best of all, youll get this spectacular 1-carat Solitaire Necklace for a price thats just as stunning!