DiamondAura French Tear Drop Earrings $79

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
How to make her cry tears of joy When you see her emotional reaction to getting the gorgeous DiamondAura� French Tear Drop Earrings, you’ll smile on the inside knowing you only paid this exclusive Stauer price for it. You really do benefit from all the time and money we’ve spent in perfecting our affordable lab-created DiamondAura. Breaking the big-carat barrier. DiamondAura has proven to be a magnificent lab creation since we first released it seven years ago but, up until recently we couldn’t synthesize a DiamondAura larger than 2 � carats. Today we release the ultra-luxury, majestic lab-created DiamondAura French Tear Drop Earrings with stunning clarity, cut and color rarely seen. Our earrings feature a generous 4 carat, tear drop DiamondAura set in the finest .925 sterling silver. The tear drop is surrounded with brilliant cut DiamondAura rounds. Get your Four Cs. Our exclusive DiamondAura French Tear Drop Earrings are splendid specifications: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. We won’t bore you with the details, but we’ve invested close to $10 million in developing DiamondAura and have over one million carats happily on the hands, necks, wrists and ears of our clients. The complex laboratory process involves rare minerals heated to an incredibly high temperature of nearly 5,000˚ F inside some very modern and expensive equipment. Using chemistry, we found a better way to exceed the fire of a “;D”; flawless diamond at a much more reasonable cost. Here’s the plain truth. You still need to surprise her with something that will bring a tear to her eye… and these gorgeous earrings are the way to do it!